Sunday, October 23, 2011

Newman House Houses, and the week to come

Last Sunday evening, a motley crew of us met (with varying understandings of the meeting time- mea culpa) to go for our first house meal, and had a grand old time in Zizzis. The House system at Newman is a great way of mixing people in new ways, and throughout the course of the year, there are meals, socials and sports days organised along those lines. So residents, if you haven’t already, find out which house you are in, and let’s see if we can’t get a little inter-house rivalry going!

Bourne House
Named for Francis, Cardinal Bourne; 4th Archbishop of Westminster 1903-35
Head of House: Magdalene Wong

 Heenan House
Named for John Carmel, Cardinal Heenan; 8th Archbishop of Westminster 1963-75
Head of House: Ellen Kitetere

Manning House
Named for Henry Edward, Cardinal Manning; 2nd Archbishop of Westminster 1865-92
Head of House: John Wye

Wiseman House
Named for Nicholas, Cardinal Wiseman; 1st Archbishop of Westminster 1850-65
Head of House: Louisa Lim

This coming week at Newman House:

Sunday 23
rd October
     1400-1700- Newman House Sports Day
     1800- Identity and Love: How can my self-esteem grow? (part 1)
Monday 24th October
     1900- UCL CathSoc: ‘Stuff of the Saints’
Tuesday 25th October
     1800-2100- Adoration
     2000-2200- Identity and Love Sharing and Reflection Group
Wednesday 26th October
     1930- OASIS
Thursday 27th October
     1730- @SOAS: Faith and Doubts- Why do you believe in God or not?
     2000- Shema: Exploring God's Word- Reaching Out
Saturday 29th October
     South Eastern Region Student Pilgrimage to Aylesford, with Most Rev Vincent Nichols

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