Saturday, October 08, 2011

A new year begun

The new academic year has well and truly begun here at Newman House, and everyone is now settled in and working hard. The experience has been odd for those of us new to the house, as we've already had to say goodbye to some of last year's stragglers, including Chris, the great thespian, and Tamara, whose sendoff party in the garden was great fun. A large group of us sought out Ronnie Scott's jazz club a few nights ago, and the live band was fantastic. It was suggested that we might properly organise another outing, and dress up to the nines- take the whole enterprise that much more seriously!

While the builders continue their mysterious but admirable work upstairs, the cafeteria area is constantly abuzz at really any time, and will itself be blessed by the Papal Nuncio after the Freshers' Mass. Talking of which (and in all honesty, getting to the point):

His Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini, Papal Nuncio to the United Kingdom, will be joining us for the Freshers' Mass here at Newman House at 10:30am tomorrow- all are most welcome!

If anyone would like to include anything on here, be it news, announcements or general insights, do let me know. I'm Daniel, one of the Parliamentary Interns, and if the red hair doesn't give me away, Chris Castell will.

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