Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moving swiftly on

Last Sunday with the Papal Nuncio (to Great Britain of course, 10 points to those who spotted my previous mistake) was great fun. Everyone was very excited beforehand, with Fr Peter swooshing (three cheers for the return of that word) around with great authority in his cassock- prior to announcing that His Excellency was stuck in horrendous traffic due to a large protest, and so mass went ahead without him. The music was especially fine, with three of Blessed John Henry's own hymns, and when the Nuncio arrived just before the final blessing, he was greeted by Elgar's Ecce Sacerdos Magnus, before delivering a stirring homily.

 After mass, he blessed the new Littlemore cafeteria, named of course for the place of Blessed John Henry's conversion...

...before cutting an aptly (and courageously) decorated cake...

...and then consorting with some Newman House ruffians!

It was a grand day, and one which will no doubt stay with us. Fr Peter observed shortly before mass that he was standing in for the Nuncio, who stands in for the Pope: we might now have to bow a little as we pass him in the corridors!

(Thanks to Adam Paciorek for the photos)

Last night (Friday), the bar downstairs had its offical reopening, so do remember to head down there.

This coming week at Newman House:

Sunday 16th October
     1330- Called by Name: A Culture of Vocations (Introductory session)
     1800- Identity and Love: Discovering our hidden treasure
Monday 17th October
     1900- UCL CathSoc: World Youth Alliance
Tuesday 18th October
     2000-2200- Identity and Love Sharing and Reflection Group
Wednesday 19th October
     1300- @London Met. North Campus Mass
     1930- NewLaw: Katie Fudakowski- My First Year at the Bar
     1930- OASIS
Thursday 20th October
     1730- @SOAS: Why and How is Christianity booming in China?
     2000- Shema: Exploring God's Word- Loved in my strengths and weaknesses

Two last things to bear in mind:
  • Paula Muldoon is coordinator for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday evenings; all are of course welcome for as little or as much time as they please, but she is rightly keen to ensure that there are constantly people there, so contact her if you would like to sign up for a time slot.
  • Contact Sr Mary if you would like to find out about volunteering at St Patrick's Church, Soho, where there is a drop-in centre for the homeless 1730-2100 Thursday evenings.
See you all in the morning, bright and early for mass!

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