Saturday, January 28, 2012


It’s normally a week into January that half of us realise that we never got around to thinking up a New Year’s Resolution. A fortnight in, that same half will realise that they still haven’t thought anything up. I’ve heard of a few people finally having thought some up in time for Chinese New Year, but doubtless the rest of us will give it up as a bad job. Which seems a little defeatist really, doesn’t it?

Newman House is long since back up to full strength now; some poor souls have already had their first taste of the library again, and even the exam hall. Over Christmas however, we were spread all over the place, and while I don’t know how everyone else’s priests preached on Christmas night, I thought I would share with you a little wisdom that my own parish priest imparted.

As Catholics, we look to Christ’s death on the cross, and the resurrection that lies behind, as the centre of our lives. Father made the point that, often, we perhaps focus too much on the wood of the cross, able to see nothing beyond our own failings. He suggested that we must always remember the wood of the crib. The nativity is a tale of journeys: Joseph and Mary going to Jerusalem; the Magi and the shepherds following the star; the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt. All were journeys of great courage, however insignificant they may have seemed to many of the people around them at the time.

As Catholics, we do not need January 1st to begin again. Christ healed all those who came to him, whatever their sins, if they really wanted forgiveness; we can begin again in him on any given morning. It is important that we recognise our failings, but Christ’s death on the cross, the ultimate sacrifice, served to save us. So here’s a little suggestion for those still clinging to the idea that they might yet come up with a resolution.

Every time you look at the crosses which we see up on walls, remember also the wooden cribs now safely stowed away until December, and then that first crib. If we remember the unlikely people who made those journeys at the time of Christ’s birth, we might feel brave enough to begin again in the morning. And then the morning after that, too.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week Commencing 16th January

Week Commencing 16th January

Weekday Mass Monday - Friday 5.30pm

UCL CathSoc: Karol, The Man Who Became Pope - Part 2
Journey in Faith - for those preparing to be Baptised, Confirmed or Received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 6-9pm
Tea with the Chaplains 3.30pm

OASIS: Happy Are We - The Teachings of Jesus - 7.30pm
Shema (Scripture Study & Reflection) - Jesus & Women, 8pm

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Another Term Begins

And so with the Turkey long since banished and the Christmas Decorations back in the attic, Students are arriving and returning to their studies in London. Don't neglect the life of the Spirit!

This week at Newman House things are already kicking into action very quickly! Here goes:

Monday 9th January
UCLU CathSoc: Louise Zanre from the Jesuit Refugee Service
Tuesday 10th January
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 6-9pm.
Wednesday 11th January
Tea with the Chaplains 3.30pm
OASIS: Amazed and Afraid - the Revelation of God Become Man. (Part of Fr Robert Barron's Catholicism series, of which, more later. Click for Facebook Event
Thursday 12th January
Shema: Exploring God' Word - Called to be God's Voice
Sunday 15th January
Identity & Love: Dreams - God's Forgotten Language

Click below for the Full Programme.

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