Friday, August 03, 2012

You say goodbye, I say hello

One of the oddest things about Newman House is that it doesn’t begin and end, but rather has seasons.

Over the past few weeks, figures who have been so much a part of the life and landscape have bid adieu, and set off on new exploits. Of course, being Newman, few were allowed to flee quietly, and the standard was set with Kenneth's departure: speeches made, anthems sung (British and American) and Holy Water generously sprinkled!

Some will be back after the summer- and I get the feeling that few ever truly leave- but many more are off to pursue the next adventure, including Paula, who will shortly take up a permanent position with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and Alex, who is off to hone his Scrubs routine in Glasgow. Others have already had their fun for the summer- Paul’s tending to Miss Sharapova’s needs at Wimbledon being the obvious example!

The plethora of summer guests, many of whom have wasted no time making their mark, will soon give way to the September intake, whose names have started going up: it is always odd to see the process of your being replaced, but we leave the rooms and halls which have been our home over to the next set of characters in Newman House’s endlessly bizarre and good-humoured story.

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom and Blessed John Henry, pray for us-
and for those who succeed us in this place.

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