Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jubilee Boat Party

Now that miles of bunting are beginning to be brought down, millions of flags are put aside and everyone gets ready to head back to work, a little word about the Roman triumph that was the Newman House summer boat party- complete with a tiara-wearing, 5’4” special guest.

Residents, friends and guests got a sneak peak at preparations for the river pageant as we sailed the Thames an hour either way from Westminster, joining the cadets rowing in the evening sun to the west, spying the night-time lights of the Docklands and Canary Wharf in the east, and even passing a vast image of the balcony scene from the Silver Jubilee (complete with Lord Mountbatten- imagine if the cake had shared in the name change?)

There is something about the sight of the Queen, dressed for a state dinner, heading up a conga-line; but she’s clearly a game girl, even after 60 years. Of course, while none of us were glinting with diamonds, no one let the side down. Special mentions, of course, to the kilt-clad Will and Stephen, who clearly set the standard for the chaps. As for the ladies, it would be to take my life in my hands to attempt to pick out a best, as all were gloriously and beautifully attired, but I might give special mention to Mini and Eimear- such is the writer’s privilege to do so!

It was a marvellous night, with thousands of photos taken (and retaken after realising the first attempt was inscrutable) and scores of friendships renewed and basked in. So many of our number have been hunkered down with revision, exams and essays; many still are, but already, people are beginning to bid a fond farewell as they head out for the summer. The party was a joyous way to shake off weeks and months of work and let our hair down, but also to ensure that we none of us stay apart too long. Many thanks, then, to all of the organizers, and to the revellers!

(Pictures stolen shamelessly from Hannah, Ruth and Adam, who are all fine examples of humanity)

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