Monday, October 25, 2010

Open Mic Night

Andrew Duncan reports on the first open mic night of the year.

Friday night saw the first music event of term in the bar. With the electronic piano fired up and the guitar awaiting to be strung, the evening's entertainment started at a peaceful rate. A few Jay Foreman songs tickled the crowd's funny bones touching upon themes of procastination, strange dreams and that retro kid's toy Spirograph.

Audience participation proved integral with choruses to new songs learnt, the most successful of these being "Moon Chavs"!

Newman Houses international flavours came through with Polish lyrics sung and the Irish tin whistle blown.

The climax of the night came with return of a certain birthday girl's party and following entourage. Two Irishmen dazzled on the piano with impressive improvisation. Many stayed until Saturday's small hours.

All in all, a nice kick-start to Friday music nights in the bar.

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