Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Lunch fit for a bishop

Bishop Alan Hopes celebrated the Freshers' Mass for us this year, and then spent a good deal of time mingling with students at coffee time after Mass.

Bishop Alan meeting some students at Newman House

The bishop then stayed for lunch with Fr Peter, Chris Castell, Kate Grace and the four senior students, William Redfern, Tamara Toolsie, Matthew Howson and Maria McCarthy.

Bishop Alan and Father Peter

The lunch was magnificently prepared by a former resident and senior student, Dr Russell Hearn, and his good friend Ed Revell.

So what did they prepare?

Well, the inspiration was Pope Benedict's Coat of Arms:

Heh? What could that possibly mean? Well, here's what they did:

That one was easy: scallops! But of course this being Russell, it could not simply be scallops. It was scallops served on a risotto of lobster. And served in scallop shells of course!

Main Course
The Moor's Head in the left hand corner of the Pope's coat of arms provided the inspiration. TThe Moorish theme suggested couscous and lamb. So that indeed is what appeared - although it was called seven-jewelled couscous by the chefs. I'm still not entirely sure why.

Well, there was only the bear left as a theme. What sort of pudding was named after bears? Well, none in the known world, so the chefs had to be inventive. What we had was a honey mousse (bears eat honey wink wink) with cookies with bear paws imprinted on them in chocolate.

It was a tremendous fun menu, with outstanding food and delightful company. We can invite the Pope himself next time!

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