Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lent Term 2008

Term has begun again, and details are pouring in about events taking place at Newman House and around the colleges over the coming months.

Highlights include: Professor Janet Smith from the Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, a series of talks on the existence of God hosted by the Faith Movement, Professor Eamon Duffy speaking at King’s, and ‘An Audience with Baroness Williams’ to take place at Newman House. There will no doubt be parties, the Salsa and informal language classes will continue, and much fun will be had.

Providentially, the early date of Easter this year means that many of the residents of Newman House will be together for the whole of Lent; when this happens it is always a powerful opportunity to keep this season as a community and brings great nourishment.

There will be more to fill this page and the website soon, so keep your eyes open for more news as term goes on.

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