Friday, January 25, 2008

An evening with..... the nuns.

Yesterday night the Newman House bar was not being propped up by the usual students, oh no, instead by four nuns. Sisters Brid, Cecily, Margarida and Mary joined us for the evening with a 'Catholic style' cocktail menu prepared by Dave Jones and a quiz prepared by Chris Castell. The cocktails were very popular (and the students had some too), our quiz master Chris Castell read questions like Newman House's version of Chris Tarrant and one sister in particular decided keeping quiet when you knew the answers didn't actually apply to her,(ahem...Sr B**d).

The highlight of the evening was hearing the stories about why our sisters decided to become nuns. For those who were not there I completely recommend you asking them to tell you their experiences, as the audience last night were captivated. Even at breakfast the next morning some students were still discussing what the sisters had told us.

We all had a great evening, thank you to Karen for organising it and to our four special sisters for making it so enjoyable!

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Brid said...

I too enjoyed the night and "Thank You". Remember I never took the vow of silence and thank God for that. What would happen to NH if I had?

After the night I believe my cause has gone straight to Rome. Thank you for promoting it. I will remember you when in my "Kingdom". Bless you all and every success from the "Real Nun" when you are in the real world.