Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunday Lunches - some snapshots

Sunday lunches at Newman House have gone from strength to strength this year, under the very able guidance of Tina Paciorek and Ellen Dougherty. They are a good opportunity for students to meet and chat, and also to listen to some interesting speakers. We reserve some Sundays for people just to meet and enjoy each others' company, while on most Sundays there is a guest speaker who gives a talk about something we might not ordinarily get a chance to hear about.

Tina and Ellen, our star co-ordinators, top, and a team (hard?) at work in the kitchen in the bottom photograph!!!!

Well, yes, it does take a lot of hard work - and then it's service with a smile!

We are a marvellously diverse and international community, and our Sunday lunches provide an opportunity to share culinary traditions from around the world. Recent lunches have included Asian (noodles etc); Caribbean (jerk chicken); Indian (curry); Italian (pasta and tiramisu); American (burgers and chips); and not to forget the incredible Scottish (haggis with bashed neeps and tatties) this last Sunday!

Some of our recent speakers: Baroness Cox, top, and Sr Cathy Jones (who also happens to be a former resident!)

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