Friday, February 04, 2011

A Resident's Perspective

To continue our series on Newman House residents we shine the spotlight on Monica Guly. Monica has a special connection to Newman House, and is living at the chaplaincy House for her second year.

Where are you from and what do you study?

I am from Devon. Now I am in my third year in Politics and East European Studies at University College London.

How did you hear about Newman House? I lived in a typical student hall of residence in first year at university. My parent both went to Newman House during their years in University in London so I always knew about it. I moved to 111 Gower Street in my second year as a  student.

What’s the different about living in the Catholic Chaplaincy compared to other student residence?

There is something extra here; it’s an extra dimension. It’s the people who live here. Students are just more personable and friendlier here. Everyone holds here has something in common. Despite all being so different, we all have our Catholic/Christian faith in common. In first year when I lived in a student residence I would see the same people day after day but there was little mixing. Everyone sat together at meals but only in their tight groups so we didn’t get to know each other. In Newman House everyone intermingles. Its more than just participating in a church on Sundays.

What was your favourite experience here?

There are many. The competiveness of apple bobbing on All Souls Day or being taken by limousine to an unforgettable Newman House boat party on the Thames.

Any advice to students coming to London?

Don’t be afraid to visit and immerse yourself in the activities, whether you live here or not. In my first year I didn’t visit as felt I would be out of place but I was so wrong. Events like bar lunch on Sundays after mass will give you a chance to meet so many people.

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