Monday, November 08, 2010

Designed by faith

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One of London’s oldest independent institutes of higher education is now home to perhaps the city’s youngest catholic community. The Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) is the setting of a new initiative to give the option of faith to its student body. Christian Catholic Architecture Students (CCAS) was launched last Thursday at the school, long known for it's strongly liberal ethos. The group is seeking to act as a spiritual platform for the school’s predominantly international student body. Up to this point AA students have been left bereft of this fundamental human support. Outlining the significance of this absence a member stated that to truly study architecture requires more than living with a purely worldly outlook.

Whilst Roman Catholic the group encourages multi-denomination participation. Holding its inaugural meeting at the school on 36 Bedford Square, further meetings are now planned there monthly. The group will use Newman House as a focal point and will join weekly Newman House activities.

The group’s next event is the Architects’ Mass 2010 held at Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory's church, Warwick Street on Friday the 12th of November. CCAS are meeting at 5.30pm at the AA's front doors; the mass commences at 6pm. Celebrating will be Fr Peter Newby, a son of Frank Newby, the celebrated structural engineer known for work such as the aviary in at London Zoo.

So if you’re tired of towing the line, and looking for something greater, come and get involved. CCAS welcomes all to join them, designers of buildings and even those who just dwell in them.

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