Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This year Newman House once again hosted a mid-term Carnival party. Dave Jones tells us more...

The Newman House Event team had spent the whole afternoon preparing for the celebration of Carnevale! Colourful drapes hung from the ceiling along with Chinese lanterns and glittering masquerade-style masks covered the walls of the Bar and Breakfast room. Party-goers brought home-made sweet desserts and candy to feed the masses and sangria flowed a-plenty! Resident DJ Cool Breeze, set the tone with music from the Caribbean, Mauritius and Latin America, mixed in with popular favourites to get everyone on the dance-floor; Tasha and I were even able to strut our salsa moves in full costume! In fact one of the wonderful things about this year’s Carnevale was the very fact that the dancing just didn’t stop! We all partied well into the early hours, even after having to turn down the volume due to music licensing!!! (Apologies Father Peter!)
Variety in costume was also amazing! From Roman togas to Superheroes to fancy face-painted people! The evening was a huge success and a real reflection of the wonderful multi-cultural atmosphere of the community here at Newman House. Thanks to all involved. Roll on next year’s party!!

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