Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Vigil 2008 Part 1

A few images from the celebration of the Lord's Resurrection.

Some of the congregation gathered around the New Fire.

The New Fire is blessed, and the light is passed to the Paschal Candle (which, by the way, took three attempts in the wind!)

The Assembly gathered in the Chapel with the candles lit from the Paschal flame.

Ben is Baptised.
Claudia is baptised.

Eugene is Baptised

Simon is received into full communion with the Church

The Newly-Confirmed

The Neophytes, the Newly-Received, and the Newly-Confirmed

The Neophytes. Please offer a prayer for these new members of Christ's Church.

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Philibert Leow said...

Congrats to all who were baptised/confirmed/receieved.

more pictures of the vigil are available here