Friday, October 19, 2007

CathSoc Seeks 'The Heart Of The Church'.

Monday Night's CathSoc featured a talk on 'The Heart of the Church'. Sister Kathy was our guest and talked about the importance of the Virgin Mary in the history and current period in the Roman Catholic Church. She illustrated the role she has played and still plays in uniting different 'opinions' and 'outlooks', and thus helping to hold Roman Catholics together. Sister Kathy then invited questions.... a brave move in CathSoc! There was a real sense of students asking questions thoughtfully and honestly, with well considered queries that had arisen as a result of the talk. Sister Kathy made sure all those who had their hands up were heard and then gave other students the opportunity to respond to one another, as well as answering them herself. After the discussion, Gideon gave a vote of thanks and Ellie presented Sister Kathy with a small gift on behalf of CathSoc to show our appreciation. We then had coffee and a chat, made all the more enjoyable by another strong turnout for the event. Students then finished their time together with Evening Prayer in the chapel. A great way to end another sucessful Monday at Cathsoc! You are all welcome to join us in Newman House for CathSoc on Monday's at 7.30pm, so do come along!

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