Wednesday, February 07, 2007

UCL Cathsoc has a new President

UCL Cathsoc had its AGM on Monday night at Newman House, and elected a new President and Commitee. The new President is Ellie Kirby, the Treasurer Charles Gallagher and the Social Secretary is Liz O'Nions.

The outgoing committee were a major success this past year and had some truly phenomenal speakers as guests, ranging from Ann Widdecombe MP; Fr Aidan Nicols OP; Dom Aidan Bellenger OSB; Viscountess Clare Asquith and others. Well done! And thank you to Claire Hack (President) and Ed Bennet (Treasurer) for their stirling work.

Below is Ellie's Speech before her election.

Some of you may ask why is a girl like me from Essex a Catholic and why does she want to run the UCL Cathsoc? Well, I share this vision with Elizabeth Jennings... “take my unlove and despair and what they lack let faith repair”. As some of you are aware, as I bang on about it so much, my faith has deepened since coming out of illness and living in Newman House. I really believe that the way we continue Christ’s ministry is to be open to other people and listen to their experiences. I have volunteered on a listening line which I feel has helped me be more approachable. I combine an outgoing, friendly personality with an organised and responsible approachable to work. These are the personal qualities that would help me make a worthy president of your Cathsoc.

As president, I propose a three fold approach: faith, fun and

1) FAITH — I would like to continue Claire’s work by asking speakers to talk on issues ranging from how to personally deepen our faith and how to act upon it in the world. I am very concerned about social justice and support Cafod, The Landmine’s Action Group and Amnesty International. I would like to invite speakers from these groups along with Pax Christi, AFP and The Colomban fathers engaged in work in China. I have supported the White Fathers/White Sisters since childhood and propose inviting them. Also, following Claire’s work I’d like to get some more MPs in, trying IDS my area MP and a fellow Ursuline girl Cherie Blair...
2) FUN — The last Cathsoc meal was a success. We need to enrich our lives with social events and perhaps even raise some money for charity in the process.. possibly even organise a trip to Rome!
3) FRIENDSHIP - I am aware that the Newman House crew can take over Cathsoc events. I’d really like to make the Cathsoc a place where Catholics can hang out and make friends as well as providing for residents. I propose making links to other Cathsocs, especially in London. At Leeds Uni, where I was joint secretary of the Cathsoc, we had footie matches against Manchester Cathsoc, maybe this is something we could do here too. I would like to establish friendships with other societies, such as the Irish, Chinese and Polish societies and advertise through them. I’d also like to deepen our friendships with other faiths by advertising events through the interfaith, jsoc and Muslim societies when events may interest these groups.

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