Thursday, November 10, 2005

Newman House goes to Cambridge

On Saturday November 5th, a group of around 20 people went on a day-trip to Cambridge. This was a great also the opportunity to see the sites and visit Fisher House, Cambridge University Catholic Chaplaincy.

Practical details were planned following the typical Newman House style. Meeting at 9.10 at the NH reception, arrival in Cambridge just before lunch. Nice and early… not bad for a Saturday morning! One might think that after our adventure at the Cathedral last week, we now do not fear anything (except maybe Stefan’s sporadic Mongolian chanting).

It was a chilly day, but windy rather than rainy. The group arrived in Cambridge in one piece, and gathered in a huddle around the Senior Chaplain Fr Peter Wilson. After a short visit to the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, the group walked to the centre of the town, where most of the historic buildings are located. At that point, Fr Brian had explained some of the important elements of the history and the past and present traditions of the magnificent Cambridge University, one of the oldest academic institutions in Europe (author’s note: just as a reference, the University of Bologna (Italy) was founded in 1088, more than one century before Cambridge).

Mass was scheduled for 13.05 at Fisher House. Our Senior Chaplain Fr Peter Wilson presided over the celebration. Fr Brian concelebrated. After having been restored by the holy banquet, the group was invited for lunch in the Fisher House library. A light buffet was available (after giving a small contribution to hire a plate – cross-subsidisation always seems to work well) and was followed by tea, mini-chocolate-muffins and other cakes.

The afternoon included a visit to the King's College Chapel and choir, and some free time was set aside for compulsive shopping, for those who needed it, or for visiting other colleges. The Newman House bunch got back to London safely, just in time for the Bonfire Night.

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